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Irate dadactive pentaphonous quintettes,
of quivering quibblearrows d'art at her second veil
with dancing and pranksin
gliboleros, glissando.
(transcription of the text in the painting)

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Sistine Eve takes the apple from the Serpent, as the wails of a saxophone trace through air the fall of the first veil, pride, the Michelangelesque outdoing of Nature, and recommend a Socratic examination oflife. The auto-autopsy of art…

Kandyskin III-Read Joyce A Ghoastliebelly Dance ... (1).jpg
In a homage to William Byrd, James Joyce and Marilyn Monroe, the cardinal invites the sons of art to rejoyce, for now begins Kandyskin-Salome's Dance of the Seven Veils, seven metamorphoses, unveiling the seven mysteries and seven…

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Enjoy the cyclical nature of the 11 canvases that comprise the Kandyskin Chronicles Collection. In the artist’s own words, they are meant “[t]o characterise the 20th Century "avantgardes" in terms of the seven deadly sins. Salomé dances away her…
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