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Angelo writes about the death of his uncle and the funeral. He also really wants to come to America and is asking about the procedure and even requests the money for it. Angelo talks about being sick and that he is now recovered. He wants to come to…

Angelo writes his nonna with his typical sense of affection letting her know that he is well. Interesting dialectical phrases include: "ho mangiato, bevuto, fumato e dormito come un pasciá" "mi è caricato di robba".

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Angelo apologizes for being annoyed with Antonio in previous letter. He is now tied down to a job where it is harder for him to leave the country. He conveys thanks for the money that was sent and was talking about wanting to remain close with his…

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"Sinceri auguri di buon onomastico ti bacio tuo nipote Angelo"

Angelo sends Easter greetings to his grandmother


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Name: Angelo Santomaggio Place and date of birth: Avezzano (AQ) Italy, 01/20/1944  Generation: Italian-born Family origin:  Grandparents: Avezzano, Abruzzo Italy Parents: Fernando Santomaggio and Domenica Gallese (Avezzano, Abruzzo Italy) Spoken…

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Name: Ann Blumberg Capone Place and date of birth: Mount Vernon, New York, September 24, 1921 Generation: 1st Family origin:  Grandparents:  Rosa Tremonti, from Afragola (Naples, Italy) Domenico Capone, from Afragola (Naples, Italy) Spoken…

Betty, Leona's former colleague, writes to congratulate Leona on her marriage and inquire about her move to Texas and also updates her on the events in the office.

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Copy of article form the Boca Raton News regarding Tom DiSalvo's painitng in the exhibit at the Boca Museum of Art. Article entitled: "Painting Booted From Show Because of Explicit Detail"

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