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Angelo Santomaggio edit.mp3
Name: Angelo Santomaggio Place and date of birth: Avezzano (AQ) Italy, 01/20/1944  Generation: Italian-born Family origin:  Grandparents: Avezzano, Abruzzo Italy Parents: Fernando Santomaggio and Domenica Gallese (Avezzano, Abruzzo Italy) Spoken…

ECatania audio cut clean.mp3
Name: Edmondo Catania Place and Date of Birth: South Philadelphia, PA, 09/23/1944 Generation: 2 Family Origin: Paternal = Naso, Sicily, Italy Maternal = Capo d’Orlando, Sicily, Italy Spoken Languages: English Proficient in Italian…

LT 1945-03-13.pdf
Danny's mother-in-law writes to him in Italian (with some grammar mistakes and influence of the dialect). She begs him to "fare subito a tornare" (to hurry up and come back soon). The child is becoming a "bosso." She juxtaposes a few English words to…

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The letter is written in broken Italian in broken Italian, with a formulaic opening "noi stiamo bene come anco spero di voi tutti". She discusses health news. pollution: "Fornace fa troppo zolfo e questo fa male a lei. 40 persone hanno chiamato".


This letter is written in Italian to his father. He talks about his military life.

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