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Vincenzo is happy to hear that his wife is well and in good health. He is also in good health. He is happy she went to Afragola to visit the church of St. Antonio. He hopes she received money that he sent on the 1st of March. He tells her to buy…

Vincenzo sends a letter to his wife writing about her health and the health of her mother. He is trying to keep her calm and reassuring her that everything will be ok.

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Name: Angelo Santomaggio Place and date of birth: Avezzano (AQ) Italy, 01/20/1944  Generation: Italian-born Family origin:  Grandparents: Avezzano, Abruzzo Italy Parents: Fernando Santomaggio and Domenica Gallese (Avezzano, Abruzzo Italy) Spoken…

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Name: Dina Santomaggio Place and Date of Birth: December 06, 1942 in Yonkers, NY Generation: US born, Italian born parents Family origin: Grandparents: Senigallia (Marche), Italy Parents: Brenno Pernini and Annunziata Angioletti - Senigallia…

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Danny went to church. When he went inside the booth, he started to be scared and then mumbled. He hopes the war will be finishing soon.

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