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Rosina writes to her mother. She speaks about her son, Angiolino, who was ill but is doing better. She speaks extensively about receiving goods from her family including coffee, soap and cherries (bottiglia di cigilie). She sends cigarettes to her…

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Giuseppe speaks about his mother-in-law's health, cigarettes, family, and inviting people over for lunch. Angiolino has a 39.2 degree fever. He speaks affectionately to his mother-in-law thanking her for her generosity in sending the cigarettes and…

Rosina writes her mother thanking her for the spaghetti. She will be sending cigarettes. She is glad to know that her mother enjoyed Alfredo’s company and has received the postcard from Pompei.

Angelo talks about making sure nonna takes care of herself better. He wants to dance and sing with her again. He asks her how she feels being distant from family. Angelo mentions Antonio is heading back to Genova. He wishes to see Antonio and wishes…

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Rosina exchanges pleasantries and asks about her mother’s health. She talks about Peppino’s fever and how cute Mario is as he dances the tarantella. She warns her not to fight with Zio Gugliermo over his indifference.
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