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In "Reds, Whites, and the Blues" DiSalvo commemorates his visit to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC. In this painting he fills his own silhouette with names of Vietcong who perished and includes the name of two of his family members whose deaths…

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Rosina mentions Pasqualino's death. She also refers to a photo of her sister Gemma that she received from her father Vincenzo in New York. Her son Angelo got sick but Rosina tells her mother not to worry. She also discusses money…

Vincenzo is happy to hear that his wife is getting better. Vincenzo can't wait to know when his wife will join him in America, and he hopes that the date will be set soon. He asks her to bring salame and sopressata.

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Vincenzo is happy to hear that his wife is getting better. He encourages her to relax ("Stai senza pensieri"). Giuseppina went to Pompei to thank the Virgin ("per aringraziare la Madonna").


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Giuseppe makes peace with his brother in law's passing. He shares an update on Angiolino's military medical exam. He was deemed not ready for service yet. His mother is trying to fatten him up by feeding him beaten egg yolks. Interesting dialectic…

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Giuseppe speaks about his mother-in-law's health, cigarettes, family, and inviting people over for lunch. Angiolino has a 39.2 degree fever. He speaks affectionately to his mother-in-law thanking her for her generosity in sending the cigarettes and…

Rosina writes her mother thanking her for the spaghetti. She will be sending cigarettes. She is glad to know that her mother enjoyed Alfredo’s company and has received the postcard from Pompei.

Angelo writes to his grandmother and tells her he has been sick. Angelo is sorry because he did not reply to his grandma letters on time. Angelo is happy that she is feeling better. Angelo asks about the weather in Naples, and asks if the sun has…

Giuseppe writes his mother in law to thank her for the pasta ("tagliatelle) and flour (farina) and thanks on behalf of Angiolino for the 3000 lire. He assures her that she is always on their minds and he is tormented knowing that although she is in…

Rosina writes the first part of the letter to her mother and then addresses a page to her aunt. She expresses her concern about her mother’s health and says that if she lived closer she would have been there immediately. She has received a package…
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