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This pair of paintings, from the Americana series, depicts the artists sentiments of Cold War Era politics.


ACTG Terminator Gene.jpg
Still Life: ACTG… Terminator Gene

The piece is a commentary on the 1991 large scale failed clinical HIV trial ACTG 175

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Cucciolo is a relative, almost a brother for Alberto. He is a 3-feet tall, but extremely well-built and strong. His real name was Francesco Rizzi (Pasqualino in the Circus documents in 1951) , born in Isola Vicentina (Vicenza) in 1930. He is he…

alberto somersault.jpg
Alberto is one of two athletes in the world who can do a double summersault between two running horses. His son Giovanni points out to the back of the first horse which is thrusting him. The horse helped in the jump.

merril lynch.jpg

This is a business letter. Bruzzese writes to inquire about the travel plans and whether Giuseppina is in need of anything else. He has also contacted her daughter in Spezia. He wishes the family a happy Easter.

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Written in pencil on Air Force letterhead paper. It describes life in Texas, flying, and asks about marriage.

Letter is from Connie (Clearwater, FL). The envelope indicates it is from Paul (Camp Bowie, TX). Connie is mentioning that army life is swell now that he is in a place with a flushing toilet and a bathtub but the training is rough.

Danny's mother writes to him mentioning that she is going to get unemployment compensation. She sends an homemade sausage.


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