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Leona may find a job in Washington. Danny tells her that he wants to enlist now that they have dropped the minimum age.

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Robert is going to Hawaii right after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Johnny writes to her sister Leona that he "just got here last night but I can't tell you where just yet." He asks her to tell their mother not to worry. He mentions that he may not be allowed to write to their mother in Italian (because of the policy…


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My Darling Wife and Son, By all means I really do wish you were here with me. I know that you will be surprised when you get this card. We had a few hours to spare so we went on a tour of New York. I love you with all my heart. Don't mention this…

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Hi Leona: I'm on my ways again. Monday I'm leaving for Grimell College, Iowa. We go on a ... tonight and I hope it don't get too cold. So long. I'll see you later. Be good. Connie.

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Hello Honey Chile- I hope your work isn't getting you down. I'm saying hello and wishing you a lot of luck. So don't treat the world wrong. Remember it's your world. I'm just living in it. always

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Cari Genetori: Adesso stiamo a Colorado e in 15 minuti arrivamo a Wyoming. Il viaggio va bene fino a mo. Roger dorme. Johnny

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Hello, How are you? Sorry I couldn't write sonner fore I was too busy. Johnny and I write to each other a good bit. Why don't you drop me a few words if you have the time. I seen your dad so long for now.

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Hi Leo: How's the beautiful gal from Bellaire doing in Detroit? Still working at nights? as for me I'm still kicking up some dust. The sandwich was good. I think I'll have another. I'll write a letter later in the meantime let's hear from you. Give…
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