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Rosa Giuseppe Fruttauro 1947.pdf
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Rosina mentions Pasqualino's death. She also refers to a photo of her sister Gemma that she received from her father Vincenzo in New York. Her son Angelo got sick but Rosina tells her mother not to worry. She also discusses money…

Rosa Fruttauro 1947.pdf
Giuseppina looks forward to coming back to New York, but Rosina warns her against the rough sea. Rosina wishes her to join Vincenzo and the rest of the family in the States in April. Rosina mentions her aunt (probably Giuseppina's sister) where…

A bank book holder from the Sout Brooklyn Savings Bank. Empty inside.

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A chauffeur license application belonging to John Bruzzese. Date of birth: 12/25/1904.

Maria sends to Giuseppina greetings and wishes her a happy name-day (onomastico). She is happy to know that Giuseppina feels better and hopes to see her before the departure to America.

Giuseppina espresses her condolences for a loss.

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Rosina writes her mother, along with her husband Peppino, to let her know that everyone is well and that she hopes that she also well. She should not worry about Zio Gugliermo during her remaining days in Italy.

Rosina writes to her mother. She speaks about her son, Angiolino, who was ill but is doing better. She speaks extensively about receiving goods from her family including coffee, soap and cherries (bottiglia di cigilie). She sends cigarettes to her…
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