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TDS11 poetry03.pdf
Tom DiSalvo Poetry

TDS12 notebook 1994+ 02.pdf
Miscellaneous notes

TDS01 Letter to son.pdf
Letter to Son

TDS14 biography hyphen.pdf
Tom DiSalvo's notes about hyphenate identity

TDS11 poetry02.pdf
Tom DiSalvo Poetry

TDS10 Note (partial).pdf
Tom DiSalvo contemplates: "My God, what have I done with my life?"

TDS11 KS notebook.pdf
Notebook No.1 5/26/87-7/23/89 (The Kandyskin Chronicle) - A collection of journal entries, notes, and meditations about the art and text of the Kandyskin Chronicle Collection

TDS15 notes03.pdf
Portion of Notebook about his art

TDS10 KS notes 04.pdf
Portion of Notebook about Kandyskin Chronicle Concept

TDS01 Paper on Being frankootz.pdf
A draft of a paper as part of Tom DiSalvo's graduate studies at the University of Chicago: "Being"
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