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Angelo sends Easter greetings to his grandmother


This is a business letter. Bruzzese writes to inquire about the travel plans and whether Giuseppina is in need of anything else. He has also contacted her daughter in Spezia. He wishes the family a happy Easter.

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Vincenzo is happy to hear that his wife is well and in good health. He is also in good health. He is happy she went to Afragola to visit the church of St. Antonio. He hopes she received money that he sent on the 1st of March. He tells her to buy…

Buon onomastico.pdf
"Sinceri auguri di buon onomastico ti bacio tuo nipote Angelo"

Vincenzo is happy to hear that his wife is getting better. Vincenzo can't wait to know when his wife will join him in America, and he hopes that the date will be set soon. He asks her to bring salame and sopressata.

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Peppino thanks his mother-in-law for the greetings she sent for his saint day. He offers to go and pick her up in Naples or advises her on how to go about traveling to La Spezia by bus and sending a telegram to notify of her arrival time. He also…

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Bruzzese writes that he’s returned from visiting his family and found them to be in good health. Giovanni is coming to Italy soon and he hopes he will arrive before Giuseppina’s departure. He thanks her for her hospitality and sends his regards to…

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Giuseppe writes his mother in law to thank her for the pasta ("tagliatelle) and flour (farina) and thanks on behalf of Angiolino for the 3000 lire. He assures her that she is always on their minds and he is tormented knowing that although she is iin…

Laspezia 130347.pdf
Angelo apologizes for being annoyed with Antonio in previous letter. He is now tied down to a job where it is harder for him to leave the country. He conveys thanks for the money that was sent and was talking about wanting to remain close with his…

Angelo writes his nonna with his typical sense of affection letting her know that he is well. Interesting dialectical phrases include: "ho mangiato, bevuto, fumato e dormito come un pasciá" "mi è caricato di robba".
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