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The troupe's famous act, the human pyramid, is featured in the Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota. The troupe was participating in the shooting of Cecil B. DeMille's film The Greatest Show on Earth (1952).

TDS04 Paper Whitehead with correction and feedback.pdf
A paper as part of Tom DiSalvo's graduate studies at the University of Chicago: "Whitehead's Method of Philosophizing" with correction and feedback

TDS10 Notes01.pdf
Various notes and verses including text for Christiane, quotes from Ulysses, and meditations on the painting of Dylan Thomas

TDS12 notes10.pdf
Various notes and Drawings

TDS Balster7.pdf
painting of sunflowers in a vase

TDS09 Bio Italian.pdf
A biography of Tom DiSalvo from 1945-1980 including his academic, professsional, and personal persuits in this timeframe.

TDS11 poetry02.pdf
Tom DiSalvo Poetry

TDS11 poetry03.pdf
Tom DiSalvo Poetry

This was one of the most popular acts for the Zoppè troupe. The act is reproduced in plastic within the exposition of the Ringling Circus at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota.
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