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Written in pencil on Air Force letterhead paper. It describes life in Texas, flying, and asks about marriage.

Letter is from Connie (Clearwater, FL). The envelope indicates it is from Paul (Camp Bowie, TX). Connie is mentioning that army life is swell now that he is in a place with a flushing toilet and a bathtub but the training is rough.

Danny's mother writes to him mentioning that she is going to get unemployment compensation. She sends an homemade sausage.


Kate, a former colleague, writes a friendly letter to Leona updating her on her family, office events and the news about mutual friends. The tone is upbeat and includes jokes and a poem at the end. Kate remarks that she spends all her time writing…

Angelo sends Easter greetings to his grandmother


Danny apologizes for being pushy about getting married. He blames it on his persistent personality, but he is willing to wait and listen to Leona. He also apologizes for not having written to Leona's mother and promises to do so. He is very busy in…

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Danny has been hearing that Leona is working too hard and not getting enough rest. He warns her to take care of herself and not lose weight. He mentions that he will be sending home the letters she has written him so that she can save them. They do…

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LT 1944-08-15.pdf
Danny discloses that he did not get the mess sargent position and that he will be shipping out the following week. He asks her to please consider quitting her factory job due to the heat and her advanced pregnancy. He thanks her for the tomatoes that…

This letter is written in Italian to his father. He talks about his military life.

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LT 1944-08-17.pdf
Danny thanks his wife for the salami that she sent. He made the colonel a sandwich. He is happy to have become an uncle, since Bambina had a baby boy. However, he is blue that he may not be present when his own child is born, although he really does…
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