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Leona send candies to Danny. Leona asked Danny if he went to a doctor to check his ear. Then, Leona talks about her daily routine. She knows that soldiers are unhappy of their life.

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Dom is Leona's cousin. He is longing for his dead hometown of Bellaire. In the war, there have been 4 days of fighting followed by 4 days of calm during which they clean up themselves and the machinery. He complained about their opportunity to go to…

He is sorry that he hasn't written much. He talks about soldiers' life: why they drink and get crazy. He uses the word "pagliacci".

Rose is frustrated about the war. Reggie has had his screen test and will be sent off in a matter of time. Rose hopes they will get ot see each other before Leona moves to Detroit and she sympathizes with her about having to leave her hometown.

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He thanks her for the package with a "capocollo" (traditional Italian salami). Some of his buddies are of Italian descent but they have never heard about capocollo! He talks about girls over there. He is asking her to write to a lonely fellow who saw…

Louise apologizes for not answering her mail promptly. She points out that her sister writes to 10 men in the service and that she only writes to 5. One of them had gone overseas and she had not heard form in 2 months. When she encountered his mother…
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