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Name: Edmondo Catania Place and Date of Birth: South Philadelphia, PA, 09/23/1944 Generation: 2 Family Origin: Paternal = Naso, Sicily, Italy Maternal = Capo d’Orlando, Sicily, Italy Spoken Languages: English Proficient in Italian…

Leona writes to Danny as the baby lay on the bed. She remarks how she has to tie his hands so he will not suck his thumbs. In the letter she lets Danny know that Alfie has come home on furlough and that his wife is expecting in February. Leona has…

Roger Di Paolo has relocated to a different camp and sends his new address to Leona. He lets her know who he has seen and corresponded with.

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Danny's letter is written on stationary with the header: "I've been so busy getting ready to whip the Japs, I haven't kept up my letter writing. He is so impressed by the photos she has sent. He says she is a Queen and he has showed them to everyone…

Danny is looking forward to finishing this training on 10/23. He lets Leona in on a secret - that he is in the army glee club and will be dedicating his solo performance of "Every Night About This Time" to her. He asks Leona to send him some film if…

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Leona is concerned because she has not heard from Danny for 2 weeks. She encourages him to contact her or him other and she compliments the photo he sent to her.

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A new boy writes to Leona after seeing her picture "you are the most beautiful girl in the world'

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He thanks her for the package with a "capocollo" (traditional Italian salami). Some of his buddies are of Italian descent but they have never heard about capocollo! He talks about girls over there. He is asking her to write to a lonely fellow who saw…
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